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Western Sunset
Western Sunset


Girls are just starting their new lives—but someone is ending them.

Elizabeth Fleming is a former Los Angeles police officer now working as a private investigator. Her cases usually involve cheating husbands or corporate theft, until she’s hired to find a missing child. Liz is drawn into a search among runaway and ‘thrownaway’ teens, and discovers that someone is killing transgender girls. Even her years on the LAPD didn’t prepare her for the horrors of the girls’ deaths, or the emotional devastation for families and friends. Liz teams with the police and the FBI to track down the killer before he can claim more victims.

Warning: Contains descriptions of graphic abuse and violence that may trigger some readers.

Both Parties
Both Parties

ASIN-B07X2DCC1Z  A Transgender Young Adult book.

Mark is transgender. He’s known it his entire life, which has been one of lying—to his mother, to his classmates, and to himself. Every day that he is a boy is a reminder that his life is wrong, and he must continue the lie that he isn’t a girl, and is agony—especially now in high school.

Caitlin arranges parties at the start of each school year, to get to know selected new kids and to maybe do a little matchmaking. She invites Mark with the specific idea of matching him up … to herself. It’s awkward and humiliating, but she learns the truth about Mark.

Their lives are told in alternating chapters, but it’s not a simple story. Mark only exists at school, while Jennifer is around after school and on weekends. At least there’s ongoing treatment at a gender clinic, but the doctors want the half-and-half arrangement to continue on into the next year. Meanwhile, Caitlin helps Jennifer learn the social roles and rules among teen girls, and Jennifer acquires new friends for the first time in her life.

It can’t last. Tension and pressure mount as Mark and Jennifer each try to balance the other, just to survive. Caitlin has her own problems, too, with her body and her family. Meanwhile, life goes on, with shopping and parties with girlfriends, and with boys paying attention to the girls. But it’s increasingly difficult to keep up the daily masquerade as Mark—and it’s only a matter of time before someone realizes that Mark is Jennifer …


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What happens after a wish is granted?

It was a night like any other—not a special night; there was nothing unusual about it. A 14-year-old boy went to bed—and woke up in someone else's body…somewhere else.

Brian Kendall lives with his sports-obsessed family. His father owns a chain of sporting goods stores and his brother is a football hero. But Brian has a secret he's been keeping from them for as long as he can remember. He's transgender, and has no idea how to tell his family that he's not their son and brother, but their daughter and sister.

One night he makes a wish. The next morning, he wakes up in a girl's body. Never mind how it was done. Finally, Brian feels at home inside a body.

But then what? Sure, he's finally got his heart's desire, but what happens next? He's got the body to match his gender but nothing else. What is this girl's name? Where does she live? What about her family, her friends, her school?

How do you let on that you're a brand new person without getting carted off in a straitjacket?

Brian hasn't a clue. What about his old family, friends, school—and what about the girl who was in this body yesterday?


Day in the Sun - Sepia 2.jpg
Day in the Sun


The 1930s was a decade of transition for America, climbing back from the depth of the Depression.

It was a time of Duesenbergs and Duke Ellington, the New Deal and Nazis. A time of Amelia Earhart and MGM, the Lindbergh baby and Lou Gehrig at the bat; Mutiny on the Bounty and Mussolini on the balcony.

There was the rat-a-tat-tat of Fred and Ginger’s feet, and the rapid-fire guns of the Spanish Civil War.

America worked and played, putting the horrors of the Great War and the Stock Market Crash behind them—never dreaming of the world war and conflagration to come.

Through it all there was Hollywood, the Dream Factory, where anything could and would happen—

A cowboy could be a singer, a tap dancer could be a gangster, and Frankenstein could find a bride.

Fresh-faced girls would leave their Midwest farms and take Greyhound buses to LA, dreaming of stardom.

And Joey Elliot’s confused little life would take an unexpected turn, leading to a career and a future beyond anything he could ever have imagined …

Parents mock.jpg


Parents contains two separate stories—Care and Comfort tells of an anguished widower grappling with a parental nightmare when his young son is shot. What he learns about his late wife and his child will forever change him.


The shocking discovery that her teenage son is hiding a dress is detailed in A Mother’s Journal, as she struggles to understand the truth about her child, and slowly accepts and helps the transition to a better future for both.

Friends mock.jpg


Friends contains two separate stories—Forceful tells of a young woman helping her best friend discover herself. There is a history between the two of them, but only one remembers. Sometimes the past has to be forced out of the darkness to light the future.


Are You Sure? jumps in time over the course of a transgender woman’s life. On the brink of a momentous event, she thinks back to the formative events that made her the woman she is.


Trigger warning: There are physical attacks in both stories.

Karin Bishop: "Port of Departure" on Kindle

ASIN-B01NAOZWP1  A Transgender Young Adult book.

David McNeil is miserable. A high school freshman, he knows that he is transgender but is too frightened to do anything about it. His unhappiness and the total wrongness of his life churn inside of him until he can’t stand it … he steals a dress.

And gets caught.

Over the next year, he will slowly transition and begin living as the girl he should have been since birth. He must learn what it means to be a girl in today’s world, but also he must learn about the girlhood he’d missed. There is support from family and friends, but there are problems and dangers as well.

Follow one year in the life of a teen, from high school lockers to elegant Boston concerts to the snow at Lake Tahoe—from January as a boy, to January as a girl.

Karin Bishop: "Port of Departure" on Kindle
Port of Departure




A cruise ship is plying the Mexican Riviera … and Brian Taylor is playing piano aboard. For a quiet, small guy, it’s a dream job. He is a world-class pianist who lives only for his music, and he’s quite comfortable in the regulated and confined day-to-day world of a ship.


Then a series of circumstances, including a crew member’s accident and corporate skullduggery, force him to masquerade as a female lounge singer for one night. But further circumstances mean Brian must continue the masquerade, and learns that it is no deception—and it may truly be a dream job for life.

Karin Bishop: "Port of Arrival" on Kindle
Port of Arrival


Continuing the change in her life that began in Port of Departure, Taylor Bryan is ready to move forward, but has no ship to work on. She is brought into the cruise line’s home office and experiences the life that many people have—commuting, working at a desk, wondering what to make for dinner …

The company sends her out across the globe, meeting new challenges and new people aboard ships, where she is also exposed to different styles of womanhood, varieties of femininity, and what it means to be female in the world.

Still fiercely devoted to her piano and her music, she will discover new friendships, for better or worse, and perhaps a new career, as she learns what it means to be her new self.


ASIN-B014H01N3Q   A Transgender Young Adult book.

Fifteen-year-old Mike Hollander is drifting in his life. He doesn’t feel strongly about anything; he doesn’t really feel anything much. Not like his best friend Mark Thompson, who perhaps feels things too strongly. But Mike considers himself just a regular guy; nothing special.


Then their high school announces an Opposite Day, where students can come dressed as the opposite of what they are—nerds can be jocks, jocks can be nerds, and so on. Mark has an idea: Since he and Mike are just regular guys, they should do the opposite and show up as regular girls. Nothing special.


Mike is reluctant but with the help of two girls, Mark and Mike get the clothes to become two regular girls—and it would just be for Opposite Day, right? And then everything would go back to the way it was, right?


Mark sails through happily but Mike is troubled, tied up in knots. The whole ‘regular girl’ thing—why did it feel almost … normal? But his definition of ‘normal’ is rocked as his own normal world comes apart. His father seems to be somebody completely different from the man Mike had known. And then Mike learns that his parents’ marriage is disintegrating. And then Mark isn’t spending time with Mike anymore.


And now everything seems so opposite to the way it was …

Karin Bishop: "A Necessary Fiction" on Kindle
A Necessary Fiction


There’s a famous quote about “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” but it doesn’t apply to me. I don’t remember my past, or at least from birth to about age ten.

I only discovered this while taking part in an experiment in my college Psychology class that completely upended my life. For one thing, I found out that I had no memories of nearly the first half of my life. I also found out something else.

There’s another famous quote about “Walk a mile in another man’s shoes …” and so on. That’s what the experiment was, to experience life from a different perspective. For one student, it meant to wear a fat suit. For another, to spend time in a wheelchair. For me, it was to experience life as a girl. And although the guy remained skinny under the suit, and the guy could get out of the wheelchair, I discovered that I was a girl, inside; I learned that I was transgender.

Once I learned that, I could begin to discover my past, my lost childhood … and then I could begin to discover what my future would be. This is the long and detailed story of my discoveries.

Karin Bishop: "Fool Moon" on Kindle
Fool Moon


After Danny Anderson barely graduated from high school, he found that he had no home, no college, no job, no family. Danny had broken his high school girlfriend’s heart, and one night her mother appears at his door. She’d had a witch construct a love charm and now Danny must pay the witch.


With no prospects for his future and out of guilt for hurting her daughter, Danny agrees. But very quickly he discovers two things: First, that he seems to have a degree of Power; and Second, that Power is transforming him into a female.


Nominated for "Best Novel"— Gaylatic Spectrum Awards

Karin Bishop: "In Concert" on Kindle
In Concert

ASIN-B00TU7V4IQ  A Transgender Young Adult book.

Christopher Davis tries to be invisible in middle school, but being small and smart, he’s still a target for bullies. Chris just goes through life until Mandy, his one friend, points out that his life would be better as a girl. In fact, Mandy believes that Chris’s true self is female. Chris has never thought he was transgender but medical tests prove that Chris is actually intersex, a genetic variation.

With the support of his mother and Mandy, Chris begins the transition to living as Lauren. This includes going to school as a girl, dealing with classmates and teachers, making new friends, and discovering her truest self.

Karin Bishop: "Powerball" on Kindle

ASIN-B00U07GD36  A Transgender Young Adult book.

You win some, you lose some, as the saying goes. The trouble is, when is a win truly a win—and when is a win the worst thing that could happen to you?

Jimmy Brewer is a middle school boy. Everyone knows he is small and bullied, but nobody knows he is transgender. Then, with the help of a loving mother, friend, and doctor, Jimmy begins exploring life as the girl she should have been all along.

And then Mrs. Brewer wins the lottery, and everything changes. People who were strangers want to be friends. People who were friends, aren’t. What was impossible is now possible, but it’s also possible that a criminal from the past will destroy the new mother and daughter’s future.

Karin Bishop: "Fashion Class" on Kndle
Fashion Class

ASIN-B006HZAZ8O  A Transgender Young Adult book.

Kevin Turner's high school counselor has bad news for him—to take the French class he wants, he's going to have to take Fashion Class. But Kevin learns that he has a flair for fashion—and he learns that he is a girl in heart, that he is transgender.


With the support of his mother and friends, he starts a journey to a career in fashion—as Katie.

Karin Bishop: "Vitamins" on Kindle

ASIN-B00NXHBD6W  A Transgender Young Adult book.

David Watson’s fourteen years of life have passed in daily terror of his abusive father. But even after his father is dead, David still has trouble dealing with his anger. His mother tries vitamins and a tranquilizer to ease his unhappiness, but it takes his best friend Teresa to point out that David is transgender, naturally feminine, and that his body is changing.


Doctors determine that David has a chromosomal abnormality, and David begins living as Elizabeth. As her life moves forward, making new friends, she joins a dance class and helps another girl trapped in her own parental relationship.

Karin Bishop: "On th Road-Again - Part 1"
Karin Bishop: "On th Road-Again - Part 3"
Karin Bishop: "On th Road-Again - Part 2"
Karin Bishop: "On th Road-Again - Part 4"
On the RoadAgain

Part 1 — ASIN-B0067GKR22

Part 2 — ASIN-B006B2EGFG

Part 3 — ASIN-B006B2ETJO

Part 4 — ASIN-B006B2LQ0O


This is the journal of Stuart Fairchild, about to leave on his first-ever road trip. What happens on the road to this talented guitarist leads to other roads, as a musician, artist and model … and as a female.

In Part One, Stu is on the road and mistakenly identified as “Sue”, planting the idea in the band manager’s mind. Next road trip: Suzie Fairchild will be the girl guitarist! But first, Stuart learns to become Suzie, and as she prepares for the next road trip, she also finds she’s heading off in a new direction with a world-famous photographer. Part Two will start the next road trip; each Part is a full-length novel.


Part Two follows Suzie and the band on the first half of an extended road trip through the Midwest. Suzie now knows that she is transgender, and learns what it means to be “the chick in the band”—and what it means to be a female in everyday life. She finds new friends and new opportunities and an ever-more uncertain future—but a future where she is female!


In Part Three, Suzie and the band’s road trip concludes with a return through some of the towns and clubs they’ve already worked. Suzie is growing in her confidence as a female, only to risk being outed in the media. Friends and lovers and several possible futures await her … but where does her heart lie?


Part Four continues the next few years in the life of Suzie Fairchild, formerly Stuart Fairchild, guitar goddess, international model, authoress … and daughter. Suzie plays with some of the biggest musicians in the world, yet is it enough for her? With all that she’s done, with all that she can do, what does Suzie want to do?

Karin Bishop: "Role Of A Lifetime" on Kindle
Role Of A Lifetime

ASIN-B007VQOPKW  A Transgender Young Adult book.

Young Brian Cunningham wants to become an actor. He’s taken some acting classes and shown some talent but he’s small for his age—a reason he’s dreading high school.

Then he lands a role in a TV pilot that his mother is certain will be their ticket out of their Phoenix trailer park. It’s an exciting role, playing the youngest son in a family on the run—except that to throw off pursuers, the youngest son is disguised as a girl.

The studio provides wardrobe and coaching, and Brian is very believable in the role of a middle-school girl—so much so that in time he will be forced to answer: Is he transgender? How much is acting and how much is real?

Karin Bishop: "The XY Axis" on Kindle
The XY Axis

ASIN-B007M87NE4  A Transgender Young Adult book.

All Mike wanted to do was survive school. But his best friend Christine helped him learn that he was transgender, and that his future should be as Michelle, not Mike. When Grandmother, the family's wealthy Connecticut blue-blood matriarch, becomes ill, the family gathers and Michelle learns about her family’s past.


But there are troubles in the present, and Michelle may not be the only variant in a genetically remarkable family.

Karin Bishop: "Reclamation" on Kindle


Teresa Carraher is a 22-year-old struggling photographer in idyllic Whistler, BC. She’s working as a gallery manager for her mentor, an internationally-known photographer, and getting her life in order after a tumultuous youth. Her family was absorbed by a religious fanatic and Teresa barely escaped the compound. Her greatest regret was leaving her nine-year-old brother Roger behind to the religious madness.

Five years later, Roger has turned up on her doorstep. He brings three problems for his big sister. First, she must determine if Roger has been indoctrinated. The second problem is completely unexpected: Roger is transgender. But it’s the third problem that is most dangerous: The fanatic may have sent minions to reclaim Roger—and perhaps Teresa, too.

Teresa gathers strength and assistance from a group of Whistler women, her mentor, wealthy European friends—and a very handsome lawyer—to help Roger and to save them both from religious zealots bent on RECLAMATION.

Karin Bishop: "Ignorance Is Bliss" on Kindle
Ignorance Is Bliss

ASIN-B00C1IUXQA  A Transgender Young Adult book.

Life is complicated when you’re not the right gender, but what if your parent is not exactly in her right mind? Andy McDonald is transgender, but Andy’s mother has a condition that prevents her from dealing with reality—including the reality that her son is her daughter.


Fortunately, Andy has met a girl transitioning to life as a male, and the two help each other deal with the difficulties of life as transgender teenagers. But Andy must also deal with the difficulties of his mother's precarious mental state.

Karin Bishop: "Salvations" on Kindle

ASIN-B00KTOKA66  A Transgender Young Adult book.

A Companion to Connections.

Ronald Covington has been medically diagnosed as transgender, but has a mother who can’t accept her teen daughter—or even the concept of being feminine. Connie McPherson, a close friend, recognizes that because of their past, neither of the Covingtons knows what it means to be a girl or woman.


Connie struggles with a past as well—the death of her daughter. A compromise is reached: Ronald will come to live with Connie as Jessica. Over time they will try to heal and learn what it means to be female—and more importantly, to be fully human.

Karin Bishop: "Breath of Life" on Kindle
Breath of Life

ASIN-B008CS1DB2  A Paranormal Transgender Young Adult book. 

Ryan Bradley watches as a girl on his team collapses and dies during a track meet. Lila seemed to look right at him and speak to him ...but she was dead, wasn't she?

And gradually Ryan begins changing, able to see auras, move objects, know things he couldn't possibly know. And his body seems to be changing ...

Desperate for answers, afraid his body is being taken over by a dead girl, Ryan seeks out Lila's mother and learns of a secret world of powers he never dreamed were possible.

Karin Bishop: "I Should Have Known" on Kindle
I Should Have Known


Edward Campion was a lonely man who only interacted with the world through his industrial designs. He found a kindred spirit in his wife Monica, only to have their cozy world forever altered with the introduction of a gay couple and a sharp lawyer—and the possibility that he is transgender.


Edward will be launched on a journey to become a woman named Edie …but who will benefit and who will suffer?

Karin Bishop: "The Networkd" on Kindle
The Network

ASIN-B00C1KX9T6  A Transgender Young Adult book.

A Companion to Desperate Measures and The Pact.


There are underground networks that exist to help battered women escape abusive relationships. June Sandowski lives in fear of her husband and his criminal associates, until one horrific night when she must flee with her two sons.


The family escapes with the help of abused women’s networks, only to find themselves sought for murder and forced to take drastic measures—

her sons must become her daughters to avoid the police.


With new identities the family attempts a fresh start as the boys struggle with girlhood, and learning about what it means to be female, to be male, and what it means to be transgender.

Karin Bishop: "Dress Code" on Kindle
Dress Code

ASIN-B008HAK4LU  A Transgender Young Adult book.

Laurie Tilden is a girl. She and her mother have known that since birth—except that Laurie’s birth certificate states: Laurence Tilden, Male.

That hasn’t been a problem for Laurie; she may be transgender but she’s a happy girl enjoying the friends she made while being homeschooled. But now it’s time for public middle school and bullies and mean girls and disapproving teachers make life difficult for Laurie.

Can she prove to the principal that she can be accepted as a girl, all in two weeks? And to meet the Girls’ Dress Code?

Karin Bishop: "Solutions" on Kindle

ASIN-B008K3ILLY  A Transgender Young Adult book.

Charlie has a problem—he’s trying to be like his father Chuck, a sexist cheat.
Charlie’s father has a problem—he can’t wait to dump the kid so he can take off with his new honey.
Charlie’s mother, Carol, has a problem—her husband Chuck.
Charlie’s grandmother, Gram, has a problem—Chuck has dumped Charlie on her farm for the summer.

But there may be solutions to all of their problems, in the form of herbal solutions made by a friend of Gram’s. Solutions that might make Charlie more agreeable, might take the edge off his rough macho exterior …and might reveal a feminine interior …

Karin Bishop: "Roommates" on Kindle


Thomas Maxwell figured that starting college was a good time to stop living with his mother. He and his best friend moved into a place with a couple of other guys. But the bachelor pad life didn’t suit Thomas, especially when he discovered he was living with stoners and slobs.


Then they needed another roommate, and never expected Cassie, the Golden Girlfriend of a local drug kingpin. And Thomas never expected to become friends with Cassie, and then become more than friends—almost sisters.


Note: This book uses a narrative technique of dialogue without quotation marks.

Karin Bishop: "Desperate Measures" on Kindlw
Desperate Measures

ASIN-B008HA1UM2  A Transgender Young Adult book.

A Companion to The Network and The Pact.

"Desperate Measures" contains two linked books about a family in peril.

In "On The Run", a family at dinner is notified that the father has been killed. The boys are shocked to discover their father was a CIA operative, and they enter Witness Protection. But there's a leak and they must run again, completely off the grid. Their only chance for survival is to change every detail of their past, and the boys must be disguised as girls—a masquerade that becomes real as they live in their new gender.

"Just A Costume" follows their lives to a huge rock concert at Madison Square Garden.

Karin Bishop: "The Haight" on Kindle
The Haight


San Francisco’s famous Haight-Ashbury, 1967: Gloria Mackenzie, RN, deals with the flood of patients brought to the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic during The Summer of Love. She’s a veteran of life in the Haight, living with several women and FreeBear, their landlord and lover, until that life is shaken by a bleeding young boy appearing in the clinic.

It’s a time of new life, of new concepts, of new music; a time of transition. Grace must deal with dangerous street drugs, a transgender child, a murderous cabal, and future epidemics—the new world displacing the old—while trying to stay true to the concept of the hippie lifestyle.

The Haight is a time capsule, historically and socially accurate, with famous musicians mingling with unknown street people as tourists stare while the world changes.

Karin Bishop "The Pact"
The Pact

ASIN-B00Y9KSSX8  A Transgender Young Adult book.
A Companion to the books Desperate Measures and The Network.

What would you do if Russian mobsters wanted to torture and kill your entire family? Natalie Lancaster grabs her sons Bill, 13, and Tommy, 11, and they run for their lives. They must leave everything behind—their possessions and their past—in a desperate attempt to survive.

To throw the killers off their trail, they buy false identities from a shady dealer. But the only identities available for the boys are as middle-school girls. Unwillingly they masquerade as girls and continue running. But changing cities, names, ages, clothing, and even their gender, can’t keep the truth from themselves—they never really were the people they thought they were.

They make a Pact to stay boys, no matter what. But Tommy finds that acting like a girl has stopped being an act, that he may be transgender, while Bill doesn’t want any part of the masquerade. Meanwhile, the killers get closer …


ASIN-B00Y9MUABY  A Transgender Young Adult book.

A Companion to the book Salvations.

Melanie Stanwood is a brilliant girl, nearly a genius. She can take isolated facts and bits of data and make connections. But she can’t seem to make a connection with her mother, because Melanie was born as a boy named Michael. Her mother can’t quite grasp what it means to have a transgender child, and they live in an awkward, uneasy truce.

Things can’t continue that way, so Melanie goes to live with her mother’s only friend Marilyn, a glamorous divorcée and widow who turns out to be a bit of a genius herself at making connections. Together with her daughter Carol, Marilyn connects Melanie to the world of girls, a world that rightfully should have been hers from birth.

Karin Bishop: "Sail Away" on Kindle
Sail Away


Amy Cooper is an attractive, happy, and successful computer consultant who may have landed the biggest contract of her career. And she may have landed the love of her life with a handsome architect.

She is transgender and seems to be living a full life. But then a voice from the past—the past when she was a boy named Paul—threatens her future. And that voice ensnares her with the Russian mafia in a plot that threatens her life.

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