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I write novels that focus on transgender individuals. My books deal compassionately, sensitively, and accurately with gender identity — how people deal with their internal gender not fitting their societal gender role. I write about the discovery, learning process, and the transition to living fuller lives in their identified gender. This is not erotica or porn; many of my books deal with teens, and could be considered in the YA category.


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Western Sunset
Western Sunset


Girls are just starting their new lives—but someone is ending them.

Elizabeth Fleming is a former Los Angeles police officer now working as a private investigator. Her cases usually involve cheating husbands or corporate theft, until she’s hired to find a missing child. Liz is drawn into a search among runaway and ‘thrownaway’ teens, and discovers that someone is killing transgender girls. Even her years on the LAPD didn’t prepare her for the horrors of the girls’ deaths, or the emotional devastation for families and friends. Liz teams with the police and the FBI to track down the killer before he can claim more victims.

Warning: This novel contains descriptions of graphic abuse and violence that may trigger some readers.

It is NOT a YA novel!


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